Barn Swallow

from by Kira Velella

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When the light goes out, I'll leave
As you're falling fast asleep
I'll be out of your hair,
And into my car

Steady girl, don't lose your will
Bag's half empty but my brain is full
If this is just a test,
I think that I've failed

Found a bird the other day
She was frantic trying to fly away
Inside the attic of a barn,
I watched as she crashed

Well I guess she didn't know
Every window that she found was closed
Seems that's always the way when
You're looking to go

Don't cut me loose
I may not be
Coming back soon

Come inside, the TV's on
We don't even need to talk
Everything you don't want,
Just leave in the snow

Can't it wait till early spring?
It's too cold to sever anything
Wait a couple of months for
The fever to break

See me
Bending toward the light
I can't stay the night
Your hair and
Everything i like
Almost out of sight

There are roots that stay alive
Hiding underneath the frozen soil
They're just biding their time and
I hope they survive

When the light goes out, I'll leave
As you're falling fast asleep
I'll be out of your hair


from Daughter, released April 24, 2013
Kira Velella- vocals, acoustic guitar
Scott Barkan- electric guitar, bass




Kira Velella New York, New York

"Daughter is a short poetic journey filled with gorgeous warmth..."
- Wordkrapht

Kira has been writing and performing for audiences around the country since she was 17.
Always rooted in emotion, at once joyous and sad, her writing is song-salve to sing you safely through.
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